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A Word from Frank Your Mortgage and Loan Modification Specialist  Loan modifications have become my specialty. I am confident in assisting in modifications of loans. I have successfully completed many loan modifications for families that allowed them to continue living in their homes affordably. I truly believe that if the modification is possible, I am capable of doing it. All it takes is one phone call. I can usually tell you if you qualify for a loan modification within 5 minutes of speaking with you.

  I first started doing loan modifications in March of 2009 for a couple of friends. After I successfully modified their loans, and saw the substantial and positive impact to their lives, I decided to dedicate myself to becoming the best loan modification expert possible. Since then, these friends have referred their friends, and my business has grown from word of mouth. Now I spend most of my time facilitating loan modifications, attending seminars and studying the constant changes in the rules and regulations surrounding the modification industry. I constantly educate myself so that I can offer my clients the highest probability of successfully modifying their loans.

  I am endorsed by Kevin McGill, President of the United Mortgage Modifiers Association of America, the leading trainer for modifications in the country. We have become close friends and he even calls me to discuss current lender changes in the modification industry.

  I am also able to provide you the best possible loan rate because I have the best lender for A-paper products, and I work for less commission than others. I truly care about customer retention and satisfaction, and I will bring you the best value with hopes of retaining your future business. I want you to confidently know that you can refer my services to friends and family, but if you prefer to give your business to a friend in the mortgage business, I understand and admire your loyalty.

However, I am confident I can help you get the best loan rate. I am also more than willing to counsel you or your friends on how to improve your credit score and evaluate your financial options at no charge.

  Whether it is a new house, or modifying your loan so you can stay in your current house, I will devote whatever time it takes to help accomplish your goals. My clients know they can call me day or night, on the weekends, or whenever if they have questions or concerns. I pride myself in the fact that all my clients would recommend me to their family and friends. I hope to hear from you.

  Picture depicted is me, Frank Welch, at the 2007 World Series of Poker Championship Main Event. I finished 376th out of 6358 contestants. My part of the prize pool was $34,600. 

Contact me today and let me prove to you there is no better option for loan modifications and home loans.

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