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I am sure you are all wondering what Flight 713 is and why a retired fire captain and loan modification specialist is writing a novel. Well, my wife recently took a 6 month trip to Washington to visit her family and I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. I decided to try my hand at writing and found myself really enjoying the experience.

Flight 713 Synopsis:

It was the perfect retreat for Brice Callahan. A holiday golf tournament with his wife Jane’s Uncle Flynn meant Brice could escape rainy Half Moon Bay CA for a few days of relaxation amongst friends surrounded by the pristine luxury of one of Seattle’s finest golf settings.

Jane would join him a few days later, after the tournament. Even still, he reluctantly bids her goodbye as he prepares to leave. He gives his dog Buddy, inseparable friend for life, a warm embrace and heads for the San Francisco International Airport, uncomfortable with the heightened awareness following the September 11 attacks and vigilant during check-in, scanning the crowd for potential threats even as he boards his aircraft.

When a midair explosion rocks the plane and ejects Brice and his seatmate into a wintry crash landing with multiple life-threatening injuries and only the contents of a carry-on bag to sustain them, Brice’s combat survival training takes over, as he cares for his injured friend and attempts to thwart the designs of a nearby terrorist group, who are armed with more of the heat-seeking missiles that struck Brice’s plane, and are planning to strike down more commercial airliners in the flight pattern.

The terrorists hadn’t planned on Brice. But now he becomes their biggest problem, as he takes their fight to them with his savvy combat skills and an international network of influential contacts.

Flight 713 is a masterful blend of contemporary thriller, international espionage and a character-driven plot that takes the reader on a first-rate, jet-propelled thrill ride.

If you wold like to read  Flight 713 open the link below

Flight 713

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